"I started making soap in 1996 to say goodbye to chemicals and to use local farmer provided ingredients!"

"I have spent years formulating my soap recipes and am sharing them online, because I have heard from countless many that my soap is truly healing for themselves, their friends and family."



Answer:  BIG Difference!

"I am a small farmer.  The goats are in my backyard. The soap is made across the street from their barnyard. I keep my animals healthy and their milk is fresh, NEVER processed. Their milk is clean and kept VERY cold before it goes into a batch of soap.

I have tested my soap with some of the most sensitive individuals and have had impressive results. My soap has been referred to as "skin food" because I use only food grade ingredients. Nothing you couldn't eat goes into my soap!

  I hope you have a chance to experience the Goat Hollow Homestead difference in your personal hygiene regimen and that you feel it is worth sharing with those you love!"


An article was written by Heather Holloway at Mill Hollow Works explaining more about what I do.

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